Kendra Wilkinson would never forgive her husband if he cheated on her.

The reality TV star could never accept an affair and is adamant if her spouse, NFL player Hank Baskett, had a relationship with another woman it would be the end of their marriage.

When asked if she would forgive Hank if he had an affair, she said: "No, absolutely not. If the man is emotionally not there in the relationship then he is not going to be there. If a man is going to cheat let them go. I would never stay with someone who cheated."

Kendra - who has a 22-month-old son Hank with her husband - also believes flirting with other women via text message or on social networking sites constitutes as cheating, because for her infidelity begins in "the mind".

She said: "Cheating starts with the mind it doesn't start with the penis. I one hundred per cent believe that.

"It can depend on whether you have an open relationship and if your partner says it's OK and they know you are flirting with other people and they are OK with it that's different but if you are going into a relationship one-on-one and you go off flirting then that is cheating for me.

"It's like a test. If you went into a classroom to do a test and you look on someone else's page that's cheating. If you are thinking about looking at someone else's paper that's cheating - you are not committed to doing what you know you have to do and you're not confident with yourself.

"Cheating is just not fair, it's not fair on the other person. If you are going to say to someone I am going to be here and I promise to be with you then it is not fair, it's not fair at all."

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