Kendra Wilkinson showers and bathes with her son and can't understand parents who are prudish about nudity.

The former Playboy model regularly gets naked in front of her child - her son with her husband of almost four years Hank Baskett - and washes with him, and Kendra thinks it's the most natural thing in the world.

In an interview with the 'Big Poppa in the Morning' show on New York's KISS-FM station, Kendra said: ''I mean, come on, I take showers with my son. I take baths with my son. We are fine. Everybody has boobs.

''We're all human, and I look at that side of things. I have a humour side. I have a very strong humour side, and of course people see that as very serious, but I'm not serious at all. It's a very funny thing, and we're all gonna survive.''

Kendra, 27, has advice for any mothers and fathers who are concerned about their kids seeing them in the nude.

She quipped: ''Don't worry, don't panic! If your kid sees boobs, it's OK. Don't be scared, just explain to them we all have boobs!''

The blonde beauty recently revealed Hank Jr. has seen her naked Playboy pictures and admits he was curious about what she was doing in the photos

She said: ''He sees like a naked photo of me on Hank's mirror in the bathroom. It's me on the beach, with my hair wet, naked for Playboy. And little Hank comes in, 'Mama what are you doing here?' I'm like, 'Mama's swimming in the ocean.'

''It has happened already and I reacted the best way I could've. It's fun. Little Hank is not so little anymore. He is three-years-old but he acts like he is 23 years old.''