Kendra Wilkinson says she is at her sexual peak.

The former Playboy model is now 31 and says since she entered the new decade of her life she has never felt more erotically charged or confident when it comes to lovemaking, and her husband, retired NFL player Hank Baskett, is ''loving it''.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Kendra spilled: ''As a 31-year-old woman, I'm at my sexual peak. It's just the way it is - it's natural.

''Hank is loving it. He's supportive of it. I'm kind of flirty with guys every now and then but he's like, 'You put me first and I'm good.' ''

Back in 2014, the couple's relationship was rocked when transsexual woman Ava Sabrina London publicly claimed she and Hank had engaged in a sexual act whilst Kendra was eight months pregnant.

Hank, 34, vehemently denied the allegations and claimed he had been groped through his basketball shorts after went to a property to buy marijuana.

Kendra believed him and decided to give their relationship another chance and now they are living happily with their two children, seven-year-old son Hank IV and two-year-old daughter Elijah

Speaking about the tough time in their marriage, the 'Kendra on Top' star said: ''We're different people than we were years ago.

''You know, you change. But you have to change together. You have to grow together, not apart, and that's the challenge. Right now we're in the healthiest place we've ever been. It's all about each other.

''We want to help build each other and love each other and make sure we're happy. When we went through out big issue that was scattered everywhere, it needed to happen.

''Unfortunately it was a really rough situation but I'm a very faithful person and I think it really worked out for the best.''

Kendra insists Hank's depression at the time was responsible for his ill-judged actions and she has totally forgiven him and they do not talk about the incident.

She said: ''I never use any of that stuff in fights or anything. I know the deeper part of the problem and TV didn't really address it as much. He was severely depressed and bringing that up to use against someone in a fight is wrong and cruel. You don't want to use someone's depression or someone's pain against them.''