Kendra Wilkinson has seemingly confirmed she has split with husband Hank Baskett.

The 32-year-old star has been vocal about her marital problems with the 35-year-old American football star in recent months, and a series of videos posted to her Instagram story on Monday (02.04.18), she has seemingly confirmed the pair have called time on their nine-year marriage.

In the videos, Kendra - who has eight-year-old son Hank IV and three-year-old daughter Alijah with her spouse - can be seen crying as she says: ''Ten years. I did everything I could. It wasn't good enough. I will always love him. My heart will always remain open for him. I believed in forever. I really did. Guess it's just not meant to be. I'm so scared. I have to get strong for my kids.''

And the 'Kendra On Top' star also took to Twitter to describe the day as the ''saddest'' day of her life.

She wrote: ''Today will be the saddest, scariest day of my life. Today i will have to be the strongest I've ever been. Today, my rebirth begins.''

It comes after the blonde beauty revealed she would ''always love'' her husband during a Twitter Q&A about her marriage.

She wrote: ''I can't stand marital advice. Lol. The @DalaiLama is the only one who can give me any type [of] real s**t advice. Lmaoooooo martial advice makes me [vomit]. (sic)''

And when one fan asked her if she was planning on divorcing Hank, Kendra simply replied: ''I will always love Hank. Always.''

Kendra had previously taken to social media to slam reports her marriage problems were faked for the purposes of her reality show.

Alongside a screenshot of an article titled 'Made-Up Marriage Problems?! Kendra's Faking It for TV', she wrote on Instagram: ''1. how do u fake marital problems? makes absolutely no sense. 2. Yes we are having issues. 3. My job has been reality tv for 13 years 4. My show was a comedy and light hearted til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama.

''Not what i wanted but was a part of my journey and story. 5. These issues Hank n I are having in our home which we are tryin to hard to over come, everyone knows about, including producers and network, friends and family. (sic)''