Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have refiled for divorce.

The former couple have resubmitted documents to the court this week, after their previous divorce judgment, which was filed with the court on October 29, was rejected on a technicality, according to The Blast.

Meanwhile, Kendra previously admitted it's not been easy to adjust to being alone after the end of her marriage, but she has been working on it.

She added: ''Been taking a lot of patience, empathy and discipline.... well, except with the d**k head I flipped off on the road the other day.''

And the 33-year-old reality star has been ''dating'' a little.

She shared: ''Been dating myself lately. Getting to know myself and even falling in love. Love and happiness is real without waiting on someone or something to do it for you.''

And Kendra has been having therapy since her split from Hank.

She explained: ''I'm doing the best i can in my life with the cards I've been dealt and i will continue to do that. I'm hurt because the world i thought was promised to me forever is now coming to an end. I'm not perfect with the way I'm reacting to my pain sometimes but i am getting stronger. My kids, mom, dad,friends n therapy have been helping. I'll be able to breathe again soon. Love will always win in my heart and will never go a day without being there for the people i love n yes him. Even with the pain I'm experiencing. (sic)''