Kendall Jenner is considering getting a gun to protect herself.

The 22-year-old model has been left terrified by strangers turning up to her home so has been looking into weapons with her older half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, to feel a bit safer when she's on her own.

In a new preview for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', Khloe asked her: ''Have you ever shot a gun before?''

Kendall replied: ''Yeah I have, I went to a range with Scott.''

Khloe then said: ''You have to go in and test them and hold them and see which one feels the most comfortable in your hand and your grip.''

The two sisters were then interrupted by older sibling Kim Kardashian West, who wondered what they were doing.

Khloe, 33, said: ''We were looking up different guns.

''Kendall and I were talking earlier and she just feels really unsafe. She says she has literally a different stalker outside of her house every few days.

''She's a single girl who lives alone, like, someone's already broken into her home, what if she was there?''

But Kim - who has children North, four, and Saint, 23 months, with husband Kanye West and is expecting a third child via surrogate - replied: ''Well, that's what you have security for.''

However, Khloe insisted a firearm was a reasonable suggestion.

She said: ''I'd want to know about these things and be knowledgeable, and how to protect myself, handle a gun.''

Kim, 37, insisted having a firearm wouldn't have helped her when she experienced the terrifying ordeal of being tied up and robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France, in October 2016.

Khloe asked her: ''In your situation, say that gun, you were able to get access to it, would you know what to do?''

Her sister replied: ''I would not shoot these -- it was three against one, or six, you know, or seven, I didn't know about. There was no way I was gonna get out of there, I'm not like, Lara Croft. I couldn't have gotten away to get the gun.''

And Kim even insisted she wouldn't feel ''comfortable'' letting her children stay with her siblings if she knew there was a gun in the house.

She said: ''I'm not comfortable with it. I wouldn't want my kids around it. I wouldn't want sleepovers going on here, with the kids here and I know there's a gun. I don't feel comfortable with that. I don't.''

And in a confessional cut with clips of her meeting women who have experienced gun violence, she said: ''I personally feel that guns and having guns in the home, especially with everything we've learned... Owning guns has never been my thing and with kids in the house, I don't think it's something I'm comfortable with.''