Kendall Jenner's eyebrows mean she is ''a quick thinker'', according to face reader Jean Harner.

The 20-year-old model's ''diagonal slant'' to her facial feature is said to give an insight into her personality and according to the expert it means the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star makes rapid decisions, which she may regret.

Speaking on Kendall's younger sister Kylie's website, Jean said: ''See how Kendall's eyebrows go up in a diagonal slant? This means she's a quick thinker. If she has to make a decision, she doesn't need much time to think it over! One downside of this is that she may sometimes leap into action without thinking things through entirely and then later wish she had.''

Whilst Kylie's eyebrows demonstrate she is always ''correct'' with her decision-making.

Jean explained: ''Kylie's beautiful full eyebrows are not as long as some of the others [sisters]. This can be a sign that she tends to be pretty sure she's correct in her outlook and her decisions, even if other people disagree with her. These eyebrows show she's got a clarity that many people can lack.''

The Kylie Cosmetics founder - who is the youngest of the Kardashian/ Jenner brood - has admitted she is ''obsessed'' with eyebrows and after noticing a difference in her and her family's facial features she wanted to understand the meaning behind the bushy brows and requested the help of Jean.

Kylie explained: ''You guys know how obsessed I am with eyebrows. And when I was looking at a photo of me and my sisters recently, I couldn't believe how different our brows are - like, no one has the same shape! So my team reached out to Jean Harner, a face reader, to break down what our eyebrows say about each of our personalities.''

Although all five sisters, including Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, have a ''desire to succeed''.

Jean added: ''These five beautiful women's eyebrows all show enormous strength in drive, decisiveness, a logical approach to life, a desire to succeed and a good head for business!''