British director Ken Russell is infected with the deadly MRSA superbug, which was discovered after he visited a hospital with back pains.

The TOMMY film-maker, 77, collapsed yesterday (16SEP04) and was rushed to England's BUPA Southampton Hospital where doctors immediately tested him for the infection and confirmed his stomach and back ache were caused by the disease.

Russell says, "The worst thing was that I didn't know what was wrong with me. There seemed to be no improvement in my condition and the pain just got worse and worse.

"Tests were advised as there seemed to be no possible cause."

His wife ELISE adds, "I did fear for Ken's life. I could see that overnight, an active, vital, brilliant, spirited person had bent double, dissolved and was in the process of losing his ability to walk, talk, speak coherently and want to live."

17/09/2004 14:04