A London pub was recently the venue for a discussion between former London mayor Ken Livingstone and a host of musicians.

FIND THE TIME singer SAM DUCKWORTH of GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY and songstress FION REGAN were present at The Boogaloo in Highgate to discuss the virtues of modern British life at the first-ever Instigate Debate event, reports NME magazine.

The movement has previously drawn support from THE ENEMY'S TOM CLARKE, JON MCCLURE of Reverend and The Makers and Dirty Pretty Things frontman CARL BARAT, although they were not present at this week's meeting.

However, one of the audience members will be seeing the three musicians in the flesh shortly as she won a prize which will see them performing hits such as HAD ENOUGH and DEADWOOD in her living room.

Despite being warned that the unusual gig will probably wreck her home, the winner was still thrilled, according to the publication.

Topics up for discussion included politics, war, materialism, consumerism and even strippers.

Speaking prior to the event, McClure said: "The idea [of Instigate Debate] is that no one discusses anything that really means anything in this country anymore - so we are forcing the issue."

27/03/2009 11:59:22