Actor Ken Jeong managed to conquer his "deathly" fear of heights to shoot high-flying scenes for The Hangover Part Iii by training with a top Hollywood stunt co-ordinator.

The funnyman reveals his phobia used to be so bad, he would "cry on rollercoasters", and he was not looking forward to flying through the air for the latest installment in the crazy comedy trilogy, which features the stars getting up to no good back in Las Vegas, where the original film was set.

However, Jeong was surprised at how well he managed to adapt, thanks to stunt expert Jack Gill, who has worked on action movies such as Fast Five, Rush Hour 3, Con Air and Bad Boys Ii.

He says, "I worked with this amazing stunt co-ordinator, Jack Gill... and he desensitised me from my fear of heights in six weeks.

"Week one I would be in a harness 10 feet in the air; get used to that. Week two, 15 feet, 20 feet, and then also getting used to moving really fast in a harness at 20 feet, 30 feet. He kind of cured me of my fear of heights, really."

Jeong wasn't the only castmember who had a fear of heights - Zach Galifianakis also struggled through the shoot for one key scene, in which he appears on the roof of Caesars Palace trying to save his co-star Bradley Cooper, who is dangling high above the ground by a bed sheet.