Actor Kelsey Grammer has announced his intention to run for office - in 20 years.

The FRASIER star has dreamed of serving his country ever since he was a kid, and now he's planning to wind up his acting career and become a senator.

He says, "I thought I'd like to provide some service for my country. I was raised in a military family. My grandad was a colonel in World War Two and he raised me.

"I didn't go into service during the Vietnam days - I was 17, I registered for the draft but we pulled out just as I was turning 18, so I never served, and so it's just something in my consciousness."

Grammer doesn't want to follow Arnold Schwarzenegger into politics right away - because he wants to make sure people know he's deadly serious about his political ambitions. Instead, he's going to wait two decades.

He explains, "By then most of my acting challenges will be behind me and then no one will be able to accuse me of having some kind of egomaniacal agenda - 'He's an actor he can't get a job anymore.'

"I would rather wait and come to it like a third act, a final act of service, trying to do something good for the world."

12/11/2003 09:10