FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer can't wait to wrap the hit sitcom this May (04), because it will give him more time to spend at his new converted dairy farm in the Catskills, New York.

The actor has homes in Hawaii and California, but he insists the sprawling estate in upstate New York, which he's still renovating, is his ideal getaway.

Grammer likes the remote home so much because it gives him the chance to live the outdoor life.

He says, "I have a giant tractor and the rear wheels are about as tall as I am, and I get on it every once in a while and take it up into the woods and I'll find a felled tree.

"I wrap a chain around it, drag it into the pathway and pull out the chainsaw and cut it up, load up the bucket and bring it down for firewood for the next winter.

"It's a nice getaway for me. It's a good break in my head."

Grammer admits he's very excited about all the things he can do when Frasier ends.

He adds, "I can take up baking. I can go back to drinking. That would probably be a wild ride."

15/02/2004 10:55