Kelsey Grammer has bad Thanksgiving memories because the start of the holidays always led to family fights when he was growing up.

The former FRASIER star now likes to make sure his Thanksgiving Day is as peaceful as possible because it used to be chaotic.

He says, "In my house it was always fight night. After a year of holding all the hostility in, you sit down to celebrate with the family. It's the only time you get them all in the same room - and a couple of glasses of wine and then grandma cuts open. It was always my grandma.

"There was a time I actually threw her boyfriend out of the house. His name was CAPTAIN BOB and he was a skipper on some boats and he liked to be called Captain Bob.

"I was sitting down at dinner with my sister, and my sister's boyfriend at the time was a young man called DANNY ENG who was half Seminal, half Chinese.

"This was not very popular in Bob's mind and so he looked over at Danny and said, 'What kind of colour are you, anyway?' He was kind of a bigot...

"So I stood up at that point and said, 'OK Bob, that's it, you gotta go.' So I picked him up by the back of the pants and I threw him out of the house."

25/11/2004 20:53