Actor Kelsey Grammer says his mild heart attack in May was caused by stress over his sitcom being cancelled.

The Frasier star had been paddle-boarding off the coast of Hawaii, where he has a second home, when he experienced chest pains on May 31st.

And speaking to People magazine, he said the cancellation of his Fox comedy Back to You, also starring Patricia Heaton, exacerbated his stress levels.

"It was a very stressful time for me, and a surprise to me [that it was cancelled]," the 53-year-old explained.

"But you know, everything that doesn't kill us – which it almost did – makes us stronger."

He added: "I think things are going to be fine, thank you. I'm doing fine. It's OK."

The former Cheers actor had been paddle-boarding off the Kona coast of Hawaii's Big Island with his wife Camille when he experienced cardiovascular symptoms.

He was admitted to hospital where "it was determined that he had a mild heart attack".

Grammer played Dr Frasier Crane for two decades on Cheers and in eight series of Frasier, as well as voicing the villainous Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons.

Though his success as the psychiatrist saw him becoming, at one point, the highest paid actor on US television, his latest series has not been so successful.

But Back to You, in which Grammer played a lascivious anchorman, was cancelled after one season.

24/07/2008 15:21:29