FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer has vowed never to be interviewed by HOWARD STERN again - after the American shock jock teased his wife about her irritable bowel syndrome.

Grammer, who has been married to model Camille for more than five years, was upset to hear his spouse being teased by Stern on his radio show - and now he plans to steer clear of him.

He says, "I don't appear on Howard anymore. We know that his job is to be the royal trash mouth of America, and that's even entertaining at times.

"But he went too far. I respect him for his place in our society, but I don't have to participate.

"The most defining thing about IBS is that it makes a person's life unbearable painful. What he did was really unpleasant, and she didn't deserve it."

13/05/2003 02:27