Kelsey Grammer wants Demi Lovato to ''forgive herself'' following her suspected overdose.

The 25-year-old singer received a huge ''wake-up call'' last week when was rushed to hospital after she reportedly took a mystery substance and fell unconscious at her home in Los Angeles, California, but the 63-year-old veteran actor doesn't think she should beat herself up over her relapse as she obviously has ''unresolved grief'' that needs addressing.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', Kelsey said when asked if he has any advice: ''Forgive yourself. That's about it. Somebody told me a long time ago, a pretty smart guy, said 'any kind of addiction is really the result of unresolved grief,' and that has held true for me as I've gone through life ever since and that's why I give that piece of advice.''

His 'Like Father' co-star Kristen Bell was also present in the interview and admitted that it's tough for people living with recovering addicts as her husband Dax Shepard is almost 14 years sober but it's still a ''daily struggle'' to keep him on the straight and narrow.

She explained: ''I mean, I married an addict who almost has 14 years [sober] and it's a daily struggle and it will always be a daily struggle.

''I don't know that I have words of wisdom because I have not been there, but I have the wisdom to say we're here for you.

''My mother-in-law also said to me whatever choices you made yesterday were those choices and today's a new day and they're all new choices and you can choose again.''

Kelsey added: ''And you can live a great life. You can live whatever kind of life you want to live, you can be straight for 20 years or you can still enjoy your life the way you want to.''

Demi - who revealed she'd relapsed in her addiction battle with her new single 'Sober' last month - is currently being cared for in hospital and is expected to go straight into rehab once she's discharged because her family want her to get help as soon as possible.

Prior to her suspected overdose, Demi had been sober for six years.