Kelsey Grammer regrets being so career-focused earlier in his life.

The 63-year-old actor - who is best known for playing Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC sitcoms 'Cheers' and 'Frasier' - has admitted he's recently been happier with his working schedule, revealing it's allowed him to spend more quality time with his children.

The veteran star - who has been married four times and has three children, Faith, six, Kelsey, four, and 20-month-old Auden with his wife Kayte - shared: ''I'm in a place that I've never been happier work-wise, and I do have time to see my family a lot. What I regretted earlier in my life was that I seemed to be so busy sometimes that suffered.

''Honestly, the beauty of being an older dad is you get a chance to kinda try it again. That's been a real gift.''

Recently, it was rumoured that Kelsey is contemplating a reboot of 'Frasier'.

But the actor - who also has children Spencer, 34, Greer, 26, Mason, 16, and Jude, 13, from previous relationships - admitted the speculation was ''a little premature''.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''It would be quite a breathtaking failure to try to do it and not do it better than the previous show - and I think that's almost impossible.

''To pick up that responsibility would be a very brave thing to do. And you know, maybe I don't have the courage.''

Kelsey also claimed the comedy scene has changed over recent years, arguing that TV shows have had to become a little more restrained.

He said: ''Obviously, some lines have been drawn. People are swift to judge, swift to react, swift to punish. I don't think it's the best side of us to punish everybody who says something that we don't particularly like.

''The first amendment is an important part of our lives and of our culture. But you work for certain people and they don't like what you said, and they'll fire you. And that's the way it goes.''