Kelsey Grammer is shaping up in the hope Sylvester Stallone invites him back for the fourth Expendables film.

The Frasier star admits he had a ball playing Bonaparte in the action film sequel, but would like to spend more than a week on set next time around.

He tells Wenn, "I'm tougher than a lot of people think! If you know anything about my personal life you'd realise that hands down! I always wanted to work with Sly and never knew it would happen. I would see him at a mutual friend's kid's birthday party and I thought, 'I wish I could find a way to work with this fella'.

"I went after this in a way... and when I flew into Bulgaria to shoot scenes I had to get out of Transformers for a week... They (producers) just organised four days for the character of Bonaparte and I had the best time with Sly. It was a revelation to me in terms of just how smart and how improvisatorial (sic) Sly can be as well; and generous with his time and generous with his acting.

"I was so happy to work with Sly and to find out how fantastic he really is and I've been impressed ever since. I hope we do something again together. We fleshed out my character, Bonaparte, to a point where I hope he comes back and maybe he could kick some a** next time, because I'm ready to. I'm working out each day! I'm punching people on the street just to see..."

But new dad Grammer has some physiotherapy to get through before he's Expendables ready - the actor recently damaged his ankle playing tennis.