Kelsey Grammer wants to move his wife and baby daughter into the home he used to share with his former spouse in order to save money.

The actor's show 'Boss' was recently cancelled and Kelsey is planning to move into the 10,657 sq ft. Beverly Hills mansion with his wife Kayte and their four-month-old daughter Faith, despite recently buying a different house in the same area ,because he claims to be short of cash.

According to court documents obtained by gossip website TMZ, Kelsey hopes to rent out his recently-purchased home for $30,000 a month while living in his old house but his ex Camille is trying to prevent it as she pays half the mortgage and they are trying to sell the property.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star tried to get legal documentation last Wednesday (21.11.12) which would prevent the former 'Frasier' actor relocating his new family into the home.

Kelsey and Camille - who have two children together - have a huge mortgage on the house and have been desperate to sell it and split the profit. Camille fears the home will be even harder to sell if her ex-spouse is living there.

The asking price was recently lowered by $1 million and the house is now listed for $16 million

Camille, 44, is currently dating Dimitri Charalambopoulos - who, at 35, is nine years younger than her.