Kelsey Grammer brought his three-month-old daughter Faith to a party at the Playboy Mansion because he couldn't get a babysitter.

A source close to the 57-year-old 'Boss' actor - who shocked his fellow guests by arriving at the Halloween bash in Los Angeles on Saturday night (27.10.12) with the tiny tot - also claims friends of the couple ''are absolutely perplexed'' about why he brought the baby and his 32-year-old wife Kayte to the party just days before her grandmother's funeral.

The source told gossip website ''Kelsey and Kayte are leaving for England on Wednesday night (31.10.12) for the funeral and they are taking the baby with them obviously. It's just curious and odd that Kelsey would take Kayte to the Playboy mansion Halloween party over the weekend after her beloved grandmother died, and to take the baby is just beyond bizarre.

''Faith is only three months old and just too young to be at a party like that! One of the reasons Kelsey and Kayte decided to take Faith to the party was because they were unable to get a babysitter that they usually relied upon. Instead of staying home with Faith, her parents decided to take her to the party, which was held outside.''

Another insider also hit back at his decision to bring his newborn to the party, which was also attended by Paris Hilton.

The source said: ''It just defies logic. There were no other babies or children at the party. Playboy mansion parties aren't for kids.''

However a spokesperson for the actor insisted he did nothing wrong.

She said: ''People have taken their infant children out with them since the beginning of time. If it weren't at the Playboy Mansion, no one would have even posted. It is a non-story. They didn't stay long, and left before it got too noisy.''