Kelsey Grammer's inner spirit kept him alive after his heart attack in May (08) by begging the spirits who had come to claim the actor to let him be.
The former Frasier star has a vivid memory of everything that happened when his heart stopped in a Kona, Hawaii hospital and he briefly 'died'.
In his first candid interview since the health scare on 31 May (08), Grammer tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight he was so convinced he was dying, he said good-bye to his wife Camille.
He recalls, "Camille was patting my head and she said, 'That's when you looked up at me and said, 'I'm going now,' and then off I went."
But something down deep kept the actor alive - and he heard his spirit talking to those on the other side.
He explains, "As I lay there dying, I (inner spirit) said to them, 'Please, I cannot do this. I don't wanna see anything, I don't wanna see any light. I don't wanna have any little adventures that make me wanna get out of this life. I wanna finish this life.'
"And so, when I went down, I saw nothing. When I came to... the only voice that came to me was, 'The light is here.'"
Grammer feels lucky to be alive after learning just how close he came to death.
He adds, "(My doctor) said, 'You know, guys in your position, 15 per cent make it - so you're lucky you're out of here.' So I'm really glad I'm here."