Kelsey Grammer loved spending time with SIR Ian McKellen on the set of X-Men: THE LAST STAND, because he helped bring out the gay man in the former FRASIER star. Grammer insists theatre actors are more in tune with their homosexual side, so he felt perfectly at home with the openly-gay MCKellen. He says, "He's a lovely guy. There are a lot of theatre people in this film and theatre people are great people. We talked about silly stuff, about theatre, the roles we love. We were like a couple of old queens sitting around talking. "Theatre guys, we're all partially gay I guess even if that's not the way we swing sexually. We celebrate thought and style of delivery. It's stuff that we cut our teeth on as children. There's something about us that's just geared in that way and it's always fun to celebrate a love of language, and a love of ideas and a love of artifice."