Former FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer has undergone his first full back wax and now he understands why painful male grooming is so important.

Grammer's wife Camille persuaded her husband to have the hair removed from his back for a recent holiday in Mexico, and he admits he liked the waxed look.

He recalls, "I'm rather hairy and my wife said, `Why don't you get your back waxed, because you've got a nice back and you'll look good.

"So we went down to the little salon and this lovely aesthetician from Mexico took I think delight in removing the hair from my back.

"While my wife and this lovely aesthetician were laughing, I was screaming and biting the pillow like the big girl that I am.

"It was probably a square yard on my back, so you could probably upholster a chair or something. It was very painful but it did look good. I started to understand that there's some benefit in the pain of good grooming."

26/11/2004 02:57