LATEST: FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer has slammed Spike Lee's move to block a TV station from calling itself SPIKE TV.

THE 25TH HOUR director Lee, whose real name is SHELTON LEE, claims the name change from TNN to Spike is a deliberate attempt to hijack his image and prestige. He took his battle to court and a judge has so far upheld his injunction.

But Virgin Islands-born actor Grammer, who will debut his own cartoon GARY THE RAT on the station dubbed the first men's network, admits he's disappointed with the move.

He says, "I guess Spike Lee is a more important man than I thought he was. He sued and I think he's gonna win this thing."

And Grammer says he'd sooner associate Spike with a RUGRATS character than the film-maker.

He adds, "I didn't think of it - nobody else thought of it. I thought of SPIKE THE DOG. I thought of the GOLDEN SPIKE that they drove into the railroad in the transcontinental thing, but I never thought of Spike Lee. But I guess I'm not the only the guy.

"It seems to me that it's unfortunate. There's a vegetarian seasoning called SPIKE; I guess they're going to have to change their name."

24/06/2003 17:26