FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer is picking up the pieces after his teenage daughter lashed out at the actor and his third wife on a radio show.

Grammer was furious and his wife Camille in tears after his daughter SPENCER attacked them during an appearance on the HOWARD STERN SHOW last week (13JUN03).

The 19-year-old told the New York shock jock that her millionaire dad has cut her off financially, and that her new stepmom once called her "a whore" and threw a vase at her car.

She also claimed her TV star dad could be more supportive of her own burgeoning acting career, explaining he's too busy to see her perform in a new play.

Upset Grammer called his daughter after the interview with Stern to tell her how much she had upset him.

He tells American tabloid THE GLOBE, "My daughter may not think so, but I'm a good father. I'm afraid this has got a lot to do with money. This is so unfair."

And his wife claims Spencer's problems hark back to the days when she was experimenting with drugs.

Camille explains, "When Kelsey tried to speak with her, she would only say, 'F**k you!' It got very nasty."

Grammer admits the vase-throwing incident is partly true: "Camille and I were having an argument one day when she picked up a little planter and threw it out the window. The planter crashed to the ground, but it didn't hit Spencer's car."

19/06/2003 20:58