Fans of Kelsey Grammer are set to find him tough to recognise in his next project - he's playing a furry blue monster in the second X-Men sequel.

In X-MEN 3, the former FRASIER star will play oversized mutant Beast, who has not yet appeared in any of the franchise's installments.

While there has been a shocked reaction to Grammer's casting, producers of the movie insist he's the perfect choice for the part - because Beast is the most intelligent of all the mutants.

SNATCH star Vinnie Jones is also set to undergo a huge image overhaul when he plays villainous JUGGERNAUT in the movie. His character is a 900 pound metal-clad battering ram.

The sci-fi series stars Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, HUGH JACKMAN and Rebecca Romijn.

The movie, to be directed by Matthew Vaughn, is set to debut in May next year (06).

18/05/2005 21:34