Kelsey Grammer is doubling up when he hits Broadway in a new stage production of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES - he will play both lead roles in six-month stints.
The former Frasier star will appear as nightclub owner Georges when the production opens in April (10), but will switch roles six months later to play camp cabaret singer Albin.
And the move means Grammer has to memorise the entire script.
He tells the New York Daily News, "La Cage, of course, is such a classic. I adored it. It always held a place in my imagination. And then last year I saw its newest incarnation in London. So the way we're doing this is, when we open I'm doing the role of Georges. In six months, I switch over to playing Albin.
"It really means I must memorise the whole show. But the brain is a muscle that's supple and responsive. I find the best way is to memorise the emotion. The words then fall into place. If your emotions are muddled, nothing works."
And Grammer admits he's training hard for the show - working out and practising his singing.
He adds, "We started rehearsals this week, so I'm into getting in shape. Stepped up my cardio workouts, doing weights, trying to get my arms up. And I'm practising singing. I have a voice teacher."