FRASIER star Kelsey Grammer is disgusted with his plush new home - because he finds it too big.

The Virgin Islands-born actor and his wife Camille have opted to move from their original two-bedroom home in Malibu, California, to a 1,765 square metre (19,000 square foot) seven bedroom abode because they have a second child due in September (04).

But Grammer admits he's far from impressed with his grand new home.

He says, "I hate the new house! It's a big house. It's big and it's obnoxious and it's ostentatious.

"We have to move because we have the new child coming. We can't add on a bedroom. We only have a two-bedroom house in Malibu so we had to buy that for the new kid.

"What happens is you have to staff the house properly. They have to have someplace to sleep. We have a nanny. The problem is, actually, I feel like I'm too middle-class for all this stuff. It just feels weird to me. But I'll be okay. I could have worse problems."

27/04/2004 21:25