Actor Kelsey Grammer is sad his hit sitcom Frasier will disappear from the small screen quietly.

Virgin Islands-born Grammer recently confirmed the show will end in May (04) after 11 seasons - but he's disappointed Frasier won't go out with a bang, like other departing shows Friends and Sex And The City.

Grammer says, "It bothered me a little. But, you know, we've always been sort of a little stepchild kind of show - we've been shuffled off a few times.

"The 8 o'clock slot on Thursday has been strong as hell for Friends, and everybody connects with those characters, and that's the way it goes.

"It will be more of a, I guess, special phenomenon for Friends to leave than it will for Frasier, so we will accept that."

14/01/2004 21:40