Actor Kelsey Grammer is considering the idea of bringing back his long-running character FRASIER CRANE on another TV series - after 20 years of playing the psychologist.

The Virgin Islands-born screen star has discussed the idea with Paramount - the company which produces his sitcom FRASIER - but there are no definite plans as yet.

He says, "It may be a possibility at some point. I'm not closed to the possibility. It would have to be really good."

Grammer adds he'd like some time off from the character, holding off any possible return until "when the television landscape is appropriately bleak".

And while co-star David Hyde Pierce, who plays Frasier's brother NILES, admits it may not be possible to revive his own character in another show, he does support Grammer's idea.

He says, "The idea of him going on with the character is totally plausible. I don't feel at the end of the series that he'd exhausted all he could do with the character. I think it's a great idea."

The 11-year run of Frasier ends when tomorrow's (13MAY04) finale airs on American television. Grammer first emerged as Crane in the classic sitcom Cheers.

12/05/2004 09:21