FRASIER star DAVID HYDE PIERCE sees the next series of the hit urbane sitcom as its last.

The actor - who plays neurotic DR NILES CRANE - believes the long-running NBC show should go out on a high and is actively looking for other roles away from the pretentious psychiatrist.

Pierce says, "I'm navigating away from Niles. I think the indications are that it's going to end after this coming season. That's sort of what we've been told. We shoot one more season and that would be it.

"We all hate to see it go. We all love it. We want it to go out classy."

The Down With Love actor has won numerous accolades - including three EMMY awards - for his portrayal of FRASIER CRANE's brother since the series began as a CHEERS spin-off for star Kelsey Grammer in 1993.

Frasier's current licence agreement with the show's producer, PARAMOUNT NETWORK TELEVISION, is due to expire in May 2004.

06/05/2003 01:44