Camille and Kelsey Grammer "didn't click" on an intimate level.

Playboy model Camille - who split from the 'Frasier' star last July after 14 years of marriage - explained while they tried to have an intimate relationship, "something just didn't click".

When asked by about comments she made on a reunion show of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - in which Camille appeared - where the 42-year-old star insinuated she and Kelsey hadn't slept together in two years, she said: "You should ask him."

However, after being pushed for further details, Camille admitted they had intimacy issues.

She added to 'The View' co-host Barbara Walters: "We tried, but something just didn't click with us on an intimate level."

The reality star went on to slam her estranged spouse - who recently revealed he plans to marry hs former air hostess girlfriend Kayte Walsh next month - for being like a "child".

She explained: "Kelsey wants what he wants right away. It's almost like a child."

Camille - who has two children with the 55-year-old actor, Mason, nine, and six-year-old Jude- recently slammed Kelsey's plans to marry so soon after the end of their relationship as "crazy".

She said: "It's crazy, crazy. I don't want to get married again, I need time. And no I'm not dating anybody."