Surfing casanova Kelly Slater has a new love - Kirsten Dunst. The extreme sports icon has made a name for himself in 2007 after hooking up with celebrity exes Cameron Diaz and Bar Rafaeli, and now he seems smitten by British rocker Johnny Borrell's former flame. Diaz took off to Hawaii to spend time with Slater after she split from Justin Timberlake at Christmas (06) and the surfing hunk was spotted romancing model Rafaeli in her native Israel before news of her split from Leonardo DiCaprio hit the headlines. Now, he's captured Dunst's heart - or so it seems after the couple was spotted dining together at West Hollywood restaurant Ago on 19 November (07). A fellow diner tells American publication Life + Style, "They were flirting a lot, smiling and giggling. They were having a fun time, and there was definite chemistry. It looked like they were getting to know each other. "She was into him and she made it quite clear they wanted to be left alone. Kirsten was hanging on Kelly's every word."