Surfer Kelly Slater's mother has slammed reports Cameron Diaz is having a rebound romance with her son. Diaz flew to Hawaii to be with Pamela Anderson's ex-boyfriend, just a week after breaking up with Justin Timberlake. Slater's mother JUDY insists there is "nothing romantic" between the pair, telling American publication In Touch, "They have been friends for a long time. "Every time somebody sees somebody else eating dinner, they think it is a romantic thing. It's silly." Diaz and Timberlake were involved in a very public argument at a Golden Globes celebration Monday (15JAN07), after spotting her ex talking to Jessica Biel. When asked if she believed Diaz was using Slater to get away from her life in Hollywood, Judy said, "She might be - I don't know. "She just called him and asked if she could come over for a few days. It was nothing they had planned." Diaz and Slater, both 34, have known each other since meeting on a 2005 conservation expedition to Honduras for Diaz's MTV show TRIPPIN'.