Kelly Rutherford has reached out to her estranged husband DANIEL GIERSCH - insisting the publicly scrutinised custody battle for their two-year-old son pushed them into saying "things they don't mean".
The actress filed for divorce from Giersch in December (08) and the couple waged a war of words through the courts over who should be granted the right to look after their son, Hermes, while Rutherford films hit series Gossip Girl in New York.
The couple testified against each other in a hearing at a Santa Monica, California court in January (09).
A judge subsequently ruled in favour of Rutherford, letting the pair's son stay with the actress in Manhattan until next month (Mar09) while Giersch was awarded two overnight visits per week during February and three per week for March (09).
But, despite their bitter in-court spats, Rutherford insists she is trying to stay positive for the sake of her child - insisting she hopes she and her ex can "work it out".
She tells Life & Style magazine, "We (she and Giersch) have kids together. We have a beautiful son together. I think we're both decent people. But sometimes you go through tough times. It's a challenge, you know?
"I think everyone goes through it on a certain level. When it's public, it's really hard. People say things they don't mean because they're upset. I'm hoping we can work it out."