Kelly Rutherford's handbag range is inspired by her 'Gossip Girl' character.

The actress - who plays stylish Lily van der Woodsen in the TV show - created a five-piece line of "timeless and affordable" clutches and totes for shopping channel QVC and revealed the pieces are all in Lily's classic style.

She told People: "I think the crossover with Lily and myself is that we both like really classic pieces. I wanted to make handbags that wouldn't go in and out of style so fast."

While the 42-year-old star admits there are similarities between her clothes and those of her TV Alter Ego, she admitted she is more casual because she doesn't have as much money or free time as Lily.

Kelly - who has two kids Hermes, four and 21-month-old Helena - said: "I always say that Lily just has a bigger budget. If I had her budget, I'd probably be wearing a lot of the same things. But I'm more casual because I have little kids. When I come home, I have to be able to throw things in the wash!"