Kelly Rowland once fell asleep on a date.

The Destiny's Child singer - who is currently single - once dozed off during a romantic cinema trip with a prospective boyfriend and was snoring so loudly her bandmate Beyonce Knowles had to interrupt and wake her up.

She explained: "Once I fell asleep. He was the nicest guy, but I just happened to fall asleep. We were at a movie and yes, he noticed that I fell asleep. Beyonce had to come up to me and say, 'You're snoring. We can hear you snoring back here.' That was so embarrassing."

The 'Independent Women' group - which also included Michelle Williams - are currently taking time off from the girl group to focus on their own individual projects.

However, the 28-year-old singer and Beyonce, also 28, are still great friends and haven't ruled out a reunion.

She explained: "If I'm in New York and Beyonce is in New York, we're there with each other. We pretty much like to stay in or we'll go to a lounge - it depends if we feel like being out.

"You have to remember Destiny's Child is how I got here. I think that if anything, if the ladies want to do another record, we would do it. But right now, all of us are respecting each other's space."