Sexy singer Kelly Rowland is set to be rated as highly as her DESTINY'S CHILD bandmate Beyonce Knowles when her new movie SEAT FILLER is released, predicts her co-star.

Knowles has enjoyed phenomenal success as a solo singer, after scoring a movie hit with 2002's Austin Powers in Goldmember. And while Rowland has achieved hits with her Nelly duet DILEMMA and horror movie Freddy Vs Jason, frontwoman Knowles remains the bigger celebrity.

But sexy Rowland's Seat Filler co-star Duane Martin is confident that will change once the movie is released.

He says, "No one's seen her like this. Kelly is the leading lady... she's not behind Beyonce. Her hair is different, she's really glamorous and very likable."

In the romantic comedy, Martin plays a law student who raises cash for his studies by taking on the job of a seat filler - a person who accommodates a celebrity's seat at a high-profile televised event whenever the star gets up.

He adds, "Kelly is playing a pop star, and I sit next to her at an awards show. We end up in this whirlwind romance."

24/09/2004 02:36