Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland relied on bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams to help her pick up the pieces after she called off her wedding to ROY WILLIAMS. Rowland was set to marry the Dallas (Texas) Cowboys football player, but the couple called it quits last May (05), after deciding they were too young to exchange vows. The singer was set to begin touring with the group in July (05), two months after the split, and needed the support of her pals to carry her through the difficult time. She explains, "During our rehearsals before the tour they said, 'If you need to walk offstage in the middle of a song, just go.' "Or one of them would walk over while we were singing and grab my hand. "After (the tour), I got right back into the studio and started writing and recording my solo album. "As soon as I put pen to paper, everything came pouring out. I remember just crying and writing. "In the end, the album dealt with the breaking up. I was really nervous about being so honest, but songwriting was like my therapy."