R+B star Kelly Rowland has no plans to trade in her gas guzzling sports utility vehicle (SUV) for a more environmentally friendly car - because 'green' cars don't "look fun". The Like This singer admits she is frequently made to feel guilty about her Range Rover's lack of green credentials, but she blames her Texan roots for instilling in her a love of big cars. And she is adamant she will never give up her "baby" - at least until Range Rover engineers develop a stylish hybrid she can be proud of. She says, "I prefer a big truck like a Range Rover. I drive one when I'm at home. I'm totally a Texas girl at heart. Put me in a cowboy hat behind the wheel of a massive truck and I'm happy. "Driving a truck has been my dream since I was a little girl. My car's like a baby, it means everything to me. I think about her every day. "My sister's hugely into environmental stuff, and she gives me a lot of heartache about it. She's got a Lexus Hybrid car but that thing doesn't look fun. When Range Rover makes a hybrid I'll go green. Until then, my apologies to Planet Earth."