R+B star Kelly Rowland didn't cry over her failed engagement to American footballer ROY WILLIAMS - because she was "too busy" to be sad. The Like This singer was set to marry the Dallas Cowboy in March 2005 - but broke off the engagement and ended the relationship two months (Jan05) before her big day. Rowland admits she didn't want to burden her former Destiny's Child bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams with her relationship woes, so kept her problems to herself. She says, "I didn't have time to be sad. The group was about to go on tour, and I didn't want to put a damper on B and Michelle." And the Bootylicious beauty insists she has "no need" for sex. She adds, "I don't need it. It's overrated. I get better kicks from going to beautiful countries and hanging out with my friends."