Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland has leaped to the defence of hip-hop, questioning its correlation to social ills. The R+B singer is annoyed rap music and lyrics are often targeted in the media after violent crimes, and insists the negativity surrounding the genre is wholly unjustified. She tells, "I don't think hip-hop is to blame. Every music has it's own expression, it's own art. So it's how you choose to express yourself through your art. I support hip-hop until I die; at the end of the day, we're all individuals, we make our own decisions and we know right from wrong. "But I mean, we got to really look at what's happening here - what's going unsaid. Look at Virginia Tech murders- there was supposed to be some situation with the killer listening to rock music - but rock music doesn't get blamed. Like, who are we pointing fingers at here, really?"