Singer Kelly Rowland understands rapper LIL' KIM's fury at having jewels stolen - because her panties were swiped from her luggage during a recent visit to New York.

New York native Lil' Kim, real name KIMBERLY JONES, claims a thief snatched $250,000 (GBP151,000) worth of platinum and diamonds from her at New York's JOHN F KENNEDY AIRPORT.

And Destiny's Child beauty Rowland can empathise with the diminutive hip-hop star, after a passage to New York saw her emerge at the other end without her knickers.

She says, "The last time that I travelled to New York my underwear was gone. It was a nice new bag and they broke the freakin' zipper. They were brand new and my underwear was gone."

24/06/2003 02:04