R+B diva Kelly Rowland is loving singing solo - although she can't help missing her Destiny's Child bandmates.

The leggy beauty hit the top of the charts with DILEMMA, her collaboration with Nelly, and her debut solo album SIMPLY DEEP also impressed fans.

But while she's enjoying her solo success, Kelly still feels the absence of bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams.

She says, "I cried before I went on stage alone for the first time because I was nervous. I feel more confident and comfortable when I'm performing next to the girls.

"Sometimes it's good to experience things by yourself rather than in a group. But I do occasionally get lonely. I'll be on a plane and I'll wish that either Beyonce or Michelle was sitting next to me so we could talk.

"I miss them a lot. But just because I'm solo doesn't mean I can't ring them up for a chat. I make a lot of phone calls."

21/08/2003 17:11