Kelly Rowland says women are ''amazing creatures''.

The 33-year-old singer is a feminist and jokes men are from ''another planet'' whereas females rule.

She told the ''I am a feminist! I believe women are the most incredible creatures on earth. I think men are truly from a different planet because our planet is the s**t. It's just all our own and we're just amazing creatures. God knew exactly what he was doing.''

Kelly - whose forth studio album 'Talk a Good Game' was released in June last year - can't wait to start working on her next record in which she'll express her feelings about being a woman with a career.

She added: ''I'm super excited to get back in the studio, you have no idea. It's actually been the main thing on my brain because I feel like I have so much to say at this point in my life, as a woman, as a woman with a moving career and great people around me, other great women around me who are going through different things ... life.''