Kelly Rowland says Destiny's Child will never dress in matching outfits again.

The 33-year-old star has claimed she and her former bandmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams are past their days of dressing the same, and their last appearance together at the Super Bowl in 2013 proves that.

Quizzed about their choice of clothing, Kelly told ''We probably wouldn't do that now, at all. As you can see from the Super Bowl, we came out in a fresh new way, you know, we all had the same colour on but it was all a different outfit, even different designers but there was still a common thread.''

The 'Down for Whatever' hitmaker - who recently became an ambassador for Caress skincare - confessed her style largely depends on what mood she is in when she gets dressed.

She explained: ''My personal style ... I'm very moody when it comes to style. It depends on my mood, what I put on.''

Kelly lives with her fiancé Tim Witherspoon in New York and she's also revealed keeping her face and body moisturised are the key secrets to her healthy, glowing skin.

She said: ''I think it's important to exfoliate and to moisturise, you know, we're in this really cold weather. I know I'm in New York and it's cold weather and I think it's important to keep your body moisturised.''