Kelly Rowland feels inspired by Beyonce's Vogue magazine cover.

The 38-year-old singer starred alongside Beyonce in Destiny's Child, and has admitted she was wowed by the empowering message her former bandmate sent with her cover shoot.

She explained: ''I remember looking at a Vogue magazine cover and I saw three beautiful white women on the cover and it said, 'This is what beauty looks like.' If I'm not that colour how am I supposed to know what beauty looks like?

''So when we see women of colour on magazine covers ... [it shows] this is what beauty is like. We are what beauty is.''

Kelly thinks the image of Beyonce on the cover of the world-famous magazine sends a strong message to young women everywhere.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I'm extremely excited for young girls of colour to see that and understand and know that [they] are beautiful.''

Beyonce, 36, is reported to have had an unprecedented level of creative control over the shoot, which was conducted by Tyler Mitchell, who became the first black photographer to ever shoot the cover for Vogue.

And Kelly - who has been best friends with the chart-topping star since childhood - thinks Beyonce's attitude towards the magazine cover underlined her selfless nature.

She said: ''I think that it speaks volumes about who she is because it wasn't about her in that moment. It was everyone else. We know who Beyonce is. I mean, of course, through that cover, but just as a woman, a black woman, and it's a beautiful thing, and that's what we celebrate.''

For the Vogue cover, Beyonce was reportedly given the final say on virtually every aspect of the shoot, including her choice of stylists and the arrangement of the set.