Now happily married to husband Tim Witherspoon, the singer and actress admits she has had her fair share of love letdowns - and there's one humiliating night she'll never forget.

"I remember this guy actually flying me in to go on a date... and we went out that night and he actually left me at the table with his friend to go mingle," Kelly tells Access Hollywood Live. "I looked over and he was, like, slobbering over some other girl."

Kelly admits she knew her husband was the one for her on their third date, revealing she felt it "in my soul".

"He's so handsome," she cooed, blushing as a photo of the couple was flashed up before her.

The pair recently rang in Tim's birthday at the Obamas' final party at the White House, and he was thrilled to be his wife's date.

"He was like, 'Babe, this was an extraordinary night'," she shared.

She only wishes the other man in her life, two-year-old son Titan, was as appreciative and respectful of mum.

"He's definitely trying me right now," Rowland added. "He headbutts us and he's fighting and hitting everybody back. First of all, we don't believe in hitting, so I don't know where the hitting came from."

And mum is struggling to communicate with her bilingual son, who has perfected Spanish thanks to his nanny. She adds, "Instead of answering in English, I have to figure out what the heck he's saying in Spanish."