Kelly Rowland can't remember what her late mother's voice sounds like.

The 37-year-old singer was reduced to tears during this weekend's episode of 'The Voice Australia' when she recalled the sudden death of her mum Doris back in 2014.

The brunette beauty had been trying to offer some support to her contestant Hannah Pearce - whose father was killed by a roadside bomb while he was serving in Afghanistan - but struggled to hold it together when she thought back to her own life.

She said to camera: ''I've grieved now for three years, it's the greatest loss of my life. I'm sorry I'm crying 'cause you just said something so profound. Oh, I miss my mum's voice. That's so true. I've forgotten the sound of her (mother's) voice. She [Hannah] just made me think about that. You do forget the sound of their voice!''

Kelly tragically lost her mother to an unexpected cardiac arrest just three weeks after she gave birth to her first child Titan, whom she has with her husband Tim Witherspoon, and previously said the grief was starting to get easier.

She said: ''It was hard because I'd just watched my son come into this world and I actually watched her go. There's not a day that goes by I don't think of her. At first, it would just tear me apart, and day by day, it gets easier.''

And the 'Motivation' hitmaker said she isn't ''ready'' to talk about the last thing she said to her mother, as she says the conversation is one of her ''greatest regrets''.

Asked what she last said to her mother before her passing, Kelly said: ''That's a tough question. It's one of my greatest regrets. It's something I'll carry to my grave ... or eventually talk about, but I'm not ready now.''