Former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland has labelled her former bandmate Beyonce Knowles a "slob".

The 26-year-old told music website that touring with the hugely successful three-piece became nightmarish because of the slovenly habits of Beyonce and Michelle Williams.

Though Rowland refused to rule out the chance of a Destiny's Child reunion, her comments suggest she is delighted to be touring solo, ahead of the release of her new album Ms Kelly.

"They're both slobs," she explained. "We would get on a tour bus and they'd flick off their shoes. And I’d be like, 'No! That’s the corner for shoes!'

"I'm a neat freak. I make them crazy," she added.

Rowland, who sold over 100 million records with Destiny's Child, admitted to feeling frustration at continual comparisons with her glamorous bandmate, saying: "People should respect me in my own solo right."

The singer also rubbished recent rumours that she's been dating Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates.

Rowland has been linked with Yates while promoting her new single Work but laughed off the claims, saying the former Top Of The Pops presenter isn't her type.

"He's not tall, dark and handsome! He's tall, bright, and… I guess cute? Reggie's more like a friend. We were just hanging out at a party and exchanged information," she said.

"I've been linked to three British men here," she continued. "And it's ok because you know it happens, I'm gonna be linked with someone else by the end of the year. Who cares?"

Rowland also admitted that while she loves the Destiny's Child smash Say My Name, the songs Bootylicious and Bug A Boo became further reasons to look forward to a solo career.

29/01/2008 15:48:01